Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas Traditions

So I thought about it and wanted to share some of our Christmas traditions. Most all we do is centered around our religion and our love of Jesus and what all Christmas day stands for in our hearts. We have two children a 9yo boy and a 5yo girl. When we just had our son we were able to go all when it was just him I had a part time job...AND we did not have the love of Jesus in our hearts that we do our daughter only knows of simpler Christmas's. We usually have some sort of dinner with my Mom on Christmas Eve and then we head to Church afterwards to Worship and have fellow ship with our friends and family. We come home the kids get a snack and off to bed they go...This year my in laws joined us at our church for the evening and then came home with us. We ended up waiting around church for a while because my mom was counting offering for the evening so my in laws took the kids driving around to look at lights...that is something we usually don't go out of our way to do it is not something we are against but....its not something we make a fuss over either...
Then on Christmas morning the kids get up and they each get 3 gifts...similar to what Jesus got on the day of His Birth. They also get a stocking filled with smaller things to kinda help pass time..LOL... This year we went above and beyond and broke all of our own rules. We got the kids a Wii ontop of there 3 gifts. Well..I can honestly say that we would not have had to get them there 3 gifts each this year...they are enjoying that Wii so much...our daughter at all of five years so cute at it. I know its not fabulous and it doesnt really explain much about me...but that is something that will take time. I seem to be the odd ball..I dont have many friends who have the same beliefs or ideas about things as I do..but thats ok..this is how God has made me...and at times I feel bad for my kids for my strangeness...or when someone at CHRUCH asks them what Santa brought them...cause ya gotta know by now..we dont do the whole Santa thing...but that's ok..I can handle it. I hope no matter how you celebrated had a BLESSED and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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