Monday, December 21, 2009

MPM for Dec 21st 2009

Well its the week of Christmas and we have lots going...but not really when I hear from my friends and family of what all they have going. Im grateful at times not to have a big extended family...I know that doesn't sound normal but sometimes with my OCD...its hard to do lots of extra stuff...IDK if I will ever be able to explain some of what I go thru...but I wish things werent always so strange for me...but onto something I LOVE TO DO..and thats is my menu plan for this week of Christmas 2009.

Mon Cheeseburger Macaroni and salad
Tue Tacos
Wed Tuna Helper and peas
Thus OUT its Christmas Eve ya know..LOL...Church at 7:30
Fri Baked Ham, Baked Sweet Potato's, Sweet Corn, Rolls and Cole Slaw...and something creative for desert...IDK yet but Ill figure something out. This is the first Christmas dinner I have ever one will join us so frozen pizza would be a hit to...LOL..
Sat and Sun will both be leftovers...cause I got a BIG ham.

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