Monday, September 27, 2010

WOW! Life has been crazy!

So I was going to do better at blogging I said...that was ummmm....4mths ago I stated that. OPPS! And now probably isnt the best time to take it back up but Im gonna try. Robby and Hannah have been back at school for about 3-4 wks already and things are going good. Hannah has had 2 MAJOR meltdowns at school. The first being the first day of school and the second just this past Friday. She has no real reason for not wanting to be there other than wanting to spend time with me. Well she got her wish this past weekend. Roger and Robby were at the cabin for a day and a half. Hannah and I had a good time of doing a lil of this and a lil of that. She has already read 15 books and the goal the school gives them is 25 a school year...well Hannah and I are gonna set a MUCH higher goal for her. Because I know she can do it we are going for 100. Now that may sound crazy BUT it totally can be done. I just need to make time for her to read to me every night. Since she is only in kindergarten we can do this! Robby is TOTALLY loving 5th grade and Roger and I are loving it too! Robby is out the door way early for school but he is so excited to go and do what is asked of him that Im ok with him leaving way to early..LOL He is on the safety patrol at school and takes it very seriously. He started playing the glockenspiel too this year. He started the drums in 3rd grade and this is just another part of the percussion section that he needs to learn. He loves his class room this year BIG time too...sounds silly but...the boy has a lap top and a smart board and all kinds of knew things I dont even know how to use..LOL

SO here is my BIG news...I got a job!!! I will be working at the kids school 5 hours a day between the classrooms and the cafe'. I am totally excited and cant wait to get started for real. I have been helping out since the second week of school and loving it! So thats why I said I dont no if this is the best time to start to blog again...but Im gonna try. Even if I only update or post twice a week..thats not so it????

So here is our menu plan for this week:

Mon: Roast, mashed potatos and peas

Tue: Breaded chicken, spinach salad and mac n cheese


Thur: Frozen pizza

Fri: Sausage, potato's and green beans in the crock pot

Sat: a cook out at our cousins house for dinner <3

Sun: Two Cousins with friends after church.

Thats our simple yet functionable menu plan for this week of Sept 27, 2010
You can check out TONS more menus at :

Have a great week and Ill try to post some of our AWESOME summer happenings that were missed.