Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MPM on a Tuesday (better late than never right?)

Menu Plan Monday Pictures, Images and Photos

So I missed two weeks Im thinking...well...during Christmas break the girl and I were sick..so I missed that MPM and well Daddy made us Grilled cheese most of that week...LOL..He is the best. Then last week was Daddys birthday so I had a few guests over on Monday and we had lots of leftovers from that last week...plus a double cheese burger night...LOL BurgerKing has there double cheese burgers for a dollar...and well..I cant resist such a deal. We got 10 and had them twice last week...BAD I know but...

SO here is this weeks MPM!

Mon- Dinner the the Super Intendent of our School District
Tue- Hamburger Helper and green beans
Wed- Crock Pot Roast with onions carrots and potatos YUMMO!!!
Thu- Grilled Cheese and soup
Fri- either left overs OR scrambled eggs and sausage
Sat- Pizza here with friends..we are having a WII tournament..LOL..
Sun- Out for lunch and sandwiches for dinner

So I am working on using what I have...but that is hard when you run out of fruit, veggies and lunch stuff. So I went to Giant for some fruit yesterday and some snacks..and spent 95.00 NOT SURE HOW THAT HAPPENED! I still need veggies and I plan to get them at Aldis on Thursday when I take my sister for her groceries....sooo the goal for there is 30 or less!!! We have plenty of healthy snacks and lunch stuff for the next two maybe three weeks...so that helps but I cant believe I spent 95.00 on it. I need to re work that one cause I NEVER SPEND that much at once. UGH!

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