Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday EARLY..thats right EARLY LOL

Hello and welcome again to another installment of Menu Plan Monday...LOL It almost sounds like I have my act together doesnt it...HA HA well I dont...LOL but thats ok cause Im getting there God isnt finished with me I am still a work in progress. So I just looked back over my goals..and I actully worked on some of them last week and am excited to share them with you before we get to the MEAT of my blog post..HE HE
So I went to the gym 3 times last week, stayed with in my mthly grocery budget and got rid of the home phone and another bill that was costing us mthly charges that dont make sense..and...we are now...$90.00 a mth..I was gonna say richer..but if you have kids at home you know what I mean when I say...yeah it wont show yet..>LOL Still playing catch up and what not..and thats ok..FOR NOW..and only for now..OH OH OH and we almost made the only go out once this week...WAIT...maybe we did..LOL. We had McDonalds Friday night cause I just wasnt feeling cooking before kids club and we had lunch out with friends today BUT today could be the meal out for this week. SOOO with that said...I will cook EVERY meal this week! We are going to our cabin this weekend and Ill post pics next week of it cause...we should have either snow or mud..and those both make for some great pictures..LOL. OK on with my MENU PLAN!!!

Menu Plan Monday Pictures, Images and Photos

Mon- Cheese burger Meat loaf, fries and peas
Tue- English muffin pizzas and carrots with dip
Wed- Grilled cheese and tomato soup maybe chips LOL
Thurs- Ham balls with pineapples, mashed potato's and corn
Fri- Shepard's Pie at the cabin
Sat- Scrambled Eggs, toast, sausage
Broccoli soup
Baked Grilled cheese and tomato soup chips and pickles.

I cant wait to see all the great meal ideas on MPM on there will be hundreds of blogs there for you to read and enjoy all of there awesome ideas!!!



  1. sounds delicious I would love the hamball recipe if you happen to have it

  2. I dont have a recipe for it..I go to a local store and buy it in bulk. I think I get 8lbs at a time and I ball it up and flash freeze it on cookie sheets. I love it but am not totally sure I would want to know what is in it..LOL
    Thanks for asking!!