Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting back on track with things!

So I just looked and I have not blogged since Feb 15 2010. Thats ummmm....3mths ago. WOW...wonder what that was about? LOL! I have been super busy but thats no excuse. I am still menu planning and working on going green around here so I need to keep up my blogging too! Ok in my mind it all goes together and I may be wrong but hey..IM BACK...

Whats been going on...hmmm Well DH and I both have been helping more at church. He works on the sound for the Kids Club and does lil stuff here and there like mowing the grass. I have been teaching the craft at kids club..since Feb and also helping in the Jr church with crafts too. I would love to take a break from Jr church for the summer but...we just dont have enough helpers to go around so I will stick it out for now. We have VBS coming up and DH is doing sound and I am...doing craft SUPRISE!!!! Im almost totally ready for it and I have a mth to go..this is an awesome feeling cause last year at this time we were still cutting crafts out the day of a I have it more under control than we did last year and Im loving it! LOL
This past week my DS was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. I have been asking(begging) for help for YEARS for him and have finally found a counsler that is able or willing to help. He is struggling in school and he acts up at the stragest times and the school doesnt see him as a problem..well I dont see him as a problem BUT I do see him as a source of stress for us at times. DH and I both stop and count often before we respond to something he says or does because raising our voices dont do any good...and we no this but when you are tired from your everyday..its hard sometimes. We love him very much and want what is best for him and I have explained it to him and he seems to understand it. He is 10 now. WOW when did my baby get so old? I love that kid so much and only want the best for him.
Our DD is doing awesome in school. She is in K4 (preschool here) and lovin it. She still has anixity about stuff and I get that..and I no I enable her...but Im her mom and I want to protect her at all costs as I do DS....But over all she is doing awesome.
I am baby sitting a lil fellow "J" full time. I am learning a lot from his momma. She feeds him mostly organic. I think its neat and a great thing to do for our kids..BUT we arent there yet. We enjoy HamburgerHelpers and stuff that I no arent always the best for us way to much to give them up. LOL Plus the cost...Im strugglin to make ends meet as it is let along changing out habbits that drastically. Now I have changed our food budget GREATLY since I last blogged and Im so glad I was able to do so. We now order a lot of our food from Angel Food Ministries.
I tend to order the main meal box and the kids boxes and an extra box of this or that. This month I am planning on getting there main box, the kids fruit box and the burgers grill box as well as the bit o blessings box. I order from Angel Food and then spend about $200.00 on the things we need that are not in that. I have read just today that if you spend about $25.00 per person per week on JUST FOOD not toilet paper, shampoos and what are doing good...well Im thinking Im doing good. We are still going out to eat every Sunday for lunch and about once a mth DH and I are going out ALONE for dinner...such a treat! But I will blog more about Angel Food later because I am also a voulenter there where I pick up my very own food.
Have a blessed week and we will do more catching up later!

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