Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Better Late than Never!! MPM on a Tuesday

Menu Plan Monday Pictures, Images and Photos

IDK why I couldnt get this out on time...other than a mental block on what to make. I did good with going to the store. I have my budget at 300.00 a mth and Im at 185.00 and still have plenty of food. I might come under the 300 this mth BUT I still need to order the food boxes from Angel Food and I plan to get 2 of those for the end of the mth and begining of next mth. They are 30 a box so thats 60 and it takes me to 245.00 I might hit the 300 with needing some salads and fruit again in about a week. But thats ok. Its working and we are loving the menus I am planning or the food I am cooking since Im still working on this weeks menu...HA HA Maybe all the snow here in Lancaster is getting to me with another foot on the way..UGH whats 3 feet of snow in Feb....LOL

Monday IDK what to call it but Ill tell ya what was in it..HA Cooked Zitti Noodles, Ricota, Cooked Hamburger, Parm, and a jar of Rinaldi Sauce..I put it all in the crock pot to bake all day and then covered with cheese about an hour before dinner (mozzerlla cheese that is) and it was YUMMO..who needs stuffed shells this was just as good!!! (left overs were dished up for Hubbys lunches)
Tuesday Baked BBQ chicken covered in dried onions and chedder cheese with rice and corn
Wednesday Grilled Cheese and tomato soup
Thursday Hamloaf, mashed potatos and peas
Friday Subs and chips out...we still have lots of fundraiser coupons to use for subs
Saturday OUT with Hubby for dinner and a movie!!! Sorry Mom you get the kiddos..HA
Sunday light lunch of leftovers or sandwiches and dinner will be whatever we can find. I have my ladys comin over to stamp cards on Sunday so who knows what will happen.

ENJOY and for more AWESOME menu ideas check out http://orgjunkie.com/

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